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From "Arnold deVos" <>
Subject SUBMIT: candidate for an optional task
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2001 11:17:31 GMT

could a committer please look at this: and
let me know if its suitable as, say, an optional task in the Ant project.  I
would be glad to see it in the project.


The styler task makes useful combinations of XSLT transformations easy to
specify in an Ant build file. Like the built-in task style, styler can apply
a single transformation to a set of XML files. But it can also:

o handle multiple transformations, in parallel or pipelined.

o enable transformations that split or merge files

o process non-XML files, especially HTML (based on JTidy)

Eventually (soon I hope!) use any custom XMLReader or XMLFilter class to
handle new file formats and transformation techniques.

You can download this task under the LGPL licence from

Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants

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