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From <>
Subject Re: JAXP / Crimson update
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2001 15:53:08 GMT
Hi Stephane,


In any case, please wait few days ( maybe a week ) before doing the
update, the code will be very stable after that.


> I would like to suggest to update to crimson 1.1.1 which is a bug-fix
> release.It should not hurt to ship Ant 1.4 with a updated parser that most
> people are not aware it exists especially since it is not even mentioned on
> the
> crimson web page and you have to go to the download sections to figure there
> is a bug fix release available. Among things, it fixes the dreaded bug that
> prevents in the JAXP release to do a Document::importNode(Document).
> This bug fix release (or part of it) is the one shipped in JDK 1.4beta and
> J2EE1.3beta
> It is available here:
> Additionaly...
> There is a new jaxp.jar binary in the bug release...There is no information
> available for a new version where it should be (ie
> Looking deeper in the jar and in the JDK 1.4beta sources, it looks like one
> fundamental difference from JAXP 1.1 is the way it loads the factory. There
> is now a FactoryFinder class (static inner class of SAXParserFactory) that
> is used to get factories via the context classloader first (I guess this is
> also what Costin mentioned last time) instead of the previous
> Class.forName(String) use.
> There are some differences between the code in the jaxp.jar in the bugfix
> release and the one in the JDK 1.4, but it looks like similar in the
> strategy.
> What's your opinion ?
> +1 for me. :)
> Stephane

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