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From <>
Subject Re: PATCH: taskdefs and class loaders
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:46:37 GMT
Hi Conor,

> It may be dangerous to assume that tasks which use the same classpath can
> use the same classloader. I am already dealing with a task which
> initialises a singleton. If this task were to run in the same classloader,
> the second use of the task would fail since it can't re-init the singleton.
> It currently requires a different classloader per use. Now, while that may
> not be desirable, it is still possible.

IMHO this is less intuitive ( having a task that uses a singleton or
static variable, and each invocation creates _another_ singleton ).

The patch is using the same loader for taskdefs using the same refid -
so you can still have both behaviors ( just define a new classpath, with
different refid ). I think it's intuitive enough - each classpath
definition ( be it at top level or not ) result in a single class loader.

> Therefore, I would prefer an approach where the build file writer is
> explicit about which tasks should use the same loader. Something like
> <taskgroup>
>    <classpath refid="blah"/>
>    <taskdef name="foo" classname=""/>
>    <taskdef name="bar" classname=""/>
> </taskgroup>
> Thoughts?

That's the second half of the patch :-) ( taskdef with file= or resource=,
and all definitions loaded from a properties file with the same loader).
Same syntax/behavior as in Properties.


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