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From Jérôme Lacoste <>
Subject RE: Bug? JUnit and classpath problems. Ant classloader?
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 15:59:03 GMT

thanks for the answer,

> > Note the '\' prefixing the name as it is a specific case of the
> Shouldn't that be a forward slash?

my mistake.

> > So I guess it is a problem in Ant. I though it was a classLoader
> > problem.
> I think it is.

If so I can perhaps help to debug it?
So I should run it in -debug mode, isn't it? Is there a way to run ant with
the jdb instead of java?

> The getResource methods have not been implemented in Ant 1.3, but they
> are supposed to work in the nightly builds.  Maybe the implementation
> is not working correctly in all cases.

I am using now 1.4 alpha from the 05th. Same problem.
I should perhaps try to make a testcase.

This bug - as it seems now - is painful to me. I am converting this project
to Ant reuses Log4J. The project contains a wrapper class that loads the
Log4J property file using this getResourceAsStream method.
This fails with Ant but works otherwise.
That's not practical.

I will try to make a testcase but would be happy to know if other people
experienced the same problems.

> > I tried to fork the JVM and to force to pass the correct classpath
> > by adding a sysproperty task before the junit one:
> [snip]
> > This didn't work. Forking the JVM fails because I then have to set
> > JUnit in my classpath, thing that I don't want.
> Even if you don't want to do so, it would help to debug the current
> situation.  Please add junit.jar and optional.jar to your defined
> classpath and run the task in forked mode.

I do so now. It works but I had to modify my installation.
It forces me to modify my ant script so it takes into account an external
definition of the classpath, and I don't like it.
I would prefer to only require ant installed (with the correct libraries).

BTW I have an important question: I do put my third party libraries into the
%ANT_HOME%\lib, so I only need to install it once per project.
(I can see problems there if a project use a different version of the
library installed with Ant. But otherwise?)
Is this considered good or not?

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