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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: using SCCS
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 16:17:48 GMT
"Rob Cartier (Apollo)" wrote:

> I am trying to use sccs from within ant but am having a tough go off it
> Has anybody succesfully put together a build file for ant.
> I tried exec but didn't get very far
> I was trying to just do a simple get from a sccs directory

I haven't used sccs directly.  We use bitkeeper (
- very sweet, you should check it out) , which uses sccs under the
covers.  I haven't had any problems useing exec with bk - I really should
get around to writing some wrapper tasks...

As far as the SCCS directories go, I added them to the default excludes
list in the current CVS / nightlies so the javac task doesn't go nuts.

Glenn McAllister
SOMA Networks, Inc.

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