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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] BorlandDeploymentTool task
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 12:13:47 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:

> On Mon,  9 Jul 2001 19:13, Conor MacNeill wrote:
> > but there was a discussion on this list a long
> > time ago that it was good to use star imports.
> Could you give me a rough pointer to this ? Nothing popped up when I grepped
> my archives. Generally I am of the opinion that explicit imports decreases
> cost of entry because potential developers don't have to search through
> multiple packages to find the classes. This makes it far easier for them to
> adapt and add code in long run.

I'm with Peter on this one.  I'm vastly more in favour of explicit imports than
promiscous * imports, for exactly the reasons Peter describes.

> I am kinda curious what type of arguement
> could be made for globbed imports (other than laziness).

Same here...

Glenn McAllister
SOMA Networks, Inc.

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