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From James Bucanek <>
Subject A few suggestions
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 22:50:36 GMT

I've working with ant 1.3 again.  Overall I've been very happy with 
it, and it's proved to be a robust tool.  But there are a few times 
(like today) where I am becoming really frustrated with it.

I've been browsing through the voting for ant 2.0 that's been going 
on over the past month or so and I don't see any one mention two 
features/capabilities that I feel are really lacking.  If these 
issues *are* being address, then please accept my apologies for 
dredging them up again.


(1) Conditionals.  ant needs a vastly more flexible conditional 
structure than just if=/unless= a property is/not defined.

At the very least, the if=/unless= attributes should be able to test 
the value of a property, not just whether it exists or not.  This has 
been the bane of my existence, since many of my build conditionals 
are based on the values of environmental variables.  I've sort of 
solved it with a task that can set property names based on the values 
of other properties, but I consider this a hack.

Ideally, a general purposes expression evaluator should be added to 
the core ant code so targets and tasks can evaluate arbitrary 
conditional statements.  I would humbly suggest it support the 
operators =, >, <, contains, beginsWith, endsWith, not, and, or, and 
xor.  A regexp 'matches' operator would also be way cool, and could 
replace a number of the aforementioned operators.

An <if> element within targets, coupled with expression evaluation, 
would make for pretty flexible scripting.  I know this has been 
discussed, so I won't belabor the point.


(2) Filters.  <fileset>/<patterset> needs some kind of simple, 
extendable, filtering mechanism.  Why can't they take, as a 
attribute, an argument that resolves to a 
object (or an ant equivalent)?

On occasion, I've been writing my own mappers to preform filtering as 
a side effect, but it's pretty ugly.  Especially since you can't 
extend the mapper tag to include any additional information that a 
filter might need to do it's job.

Filters that would be useful are (a) newer - include a file if it is 
newer than some target, (b) exists - include the file if a companion 
file exists, (c) contains - include the file if it contains 
something.  I'm sure there are lots of others.


I appreciate everyone's effort, and would be more than happy to 
contribute.  It think ant's a great tool, and I've been able to 
rewrite what used to be some phenomenally hairy shell scripts into 
some reasonable (and fast) Java code.


James Bucanek

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