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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [ant2] Optional and Core designations
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 05:37:59 GMT
Jim Jackl-Mochel <> wrote:

> [1] Are we planning on having the ant2 optional and core tasks
> continue to be part of seperate packages ?

This will drop out of the task library concept IMHO.

Core tasks and types are those that ship with a "core distribution" of
Ant.  Whether they will form a single library or several has not been
decided.  I'd expect this core task library to be a rather small
subset of the tasks that currently make up Ant.

Optional tasks will get distributed as task libraries.  Related tasks
grouped into one library, but it will be more than one lib.

> Having done many rebuilds of ANT in which I have had to remove/add
> core/optional tasks I would love to have a cleaner mechanism to
> define what is included in a current configuration of ANT.

The mechanism will be something like "everything that lives in a task
library in ANT_HOME/lib will be available".  The distinction between
core and optional tasks is a question of organization on the Apache
side of things, an instance of Ant won't know whether a task has been
optional or a core task.

This will also make things a lot more modular - rebuilding Ant
shouldn't be necessary.

> The idea of changing a package name when an optional task becomes
> partt of the core seems awkward.

Have we ever done that?

> [2] Has any consideration been given to BuildID and VersionID tasks
> ?

All it needs is somebody to write them 8-)


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