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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [ant2] High Order Aspects
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 14:14:22 GMT
Peter Donald <> wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 20:26, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> Peter Donald <> wrote:
>> > We have yet to discuss any of the higher order aspects such as
>> > those needed by GUMP. They are higher order as they require
>> > cooperation from the task to complete the action.
>> In case of the CLASSPATH aspect, this can probably be solved best
>> if you remove all CLASSPATH related stuff from the tasks completely
>> - make the tasks rely on the aspect and you don't need cooperation
>> at all.
>> This probably means we need child elements that belong to aspects
>> (<ant:classpath> which would just be a nicer way to write the
>> corresponding attribute).
> I don't get that at all - can you explain?

Let's take javac as an example. 

We can remove all setClasspath and addClasspath methods from it. We
can have a default Classpath aspect handler that will always be
present and simply adds all user specified entries to the current
system classpath (or whatever our default policy for classpaths is
going to be).

So instead of

<javac classpath="foo">
  <classpath refid="bar" />

we make that

<javac ant:classpath="foo">
  <ant:classpath refid="bar" />

where "ant:" triggers the classpath aspect (see the need for nested
elements handled by aspect handlers?).

Instead of constructing the classpath itself, the task will then ask
its TaskContext for it - which in turn will consult the aspect

I know this doesn't really fit into the picture of aspects at all -
but I didn't call it aspect in the first place 8-).

If you want to go with the aspect oriented ideas, you'll need an
interface with a setClasspath or whatever method to be invoked on the
task before execute is going to be called, sure.  I guess I've just
convinced myself that "high order aspects" are not necessarily aspects
for me.


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