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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: modifying optional task code / <mimemail>
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 08:05:23 GMT
Erik Hatcher <> wrote:

> I, incorrectly I'm guessing, compiled the two classes I modified
> ( and and modified my
> classpath to have their directory ahead of optional.jar in hopes
> they'd get picked up from there.

How do you do that?  Just putting it into CLASSPATH won't help as the
wrapper scripts put the stuff from ANT_HOME/lib in front of the

> Also, is there a way I can keep the standard release build of
> ant.jar and optional.jar in the lib directory and still override
> some of optional.jar's classes?

If the wrapper script is the culprit - you'll have to modify the
wrapper itself.

> Since my code modifications probably won't be committed before I
> submit the article, I want to explain how to get my enhancements
> working prior to their integration into an official Ant build.

What's the deadline for this?  Even if your patches get committed in
time, it is quite possible that there will be no Ant release before

> I'm also using the <mimemail> task to e-mail the HTML reports but
> I'm sure since its not already an existing optional task that I can
> get by with <taskdef>'ing for my article.

Some people announced that they'd be willing to work on Steve's task -
would we make things easier if his original task would be committed?
I doubt that anybody would -1 that task.


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