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From "Herman, Dave" <>
Subject Request: AntClassLoader.getResource()
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 02:48:06 GMT

I have a request for a new method in AntClassLoader. Here's the scenario:
I'm running some JUnit tests within a <junit> task. These test classes are
not necessarily found in the system class path, but my explicit <classpath>
element nested within the junit task tells ant where to find the classes. As
a result, they're not loaded with the system class loader, but by the

These classes rely on external files, which they are trying to load via:

    getClass().getResource(String fileName)

The getResource method in a Class object first calls the getResource method
in its class loader to try to find the resource, and if that fails, it then
tries the system class loader. Because AntClassLoader has not overridden the
getResource method, it doesn't search its class path correctly, and returns
null. Then when the class tries the system class loader, since the class's
directory is not in the system class path, it fails there as well. As a
result, I get null.

I'm proposing the following changes:

1. Get rid of the following method:
       private InputStream getResourceStream(File file, String resourceName)
2. Create these two methods:
       private URL getResourceURL(File file, String resourceName)
       public URL getResource(String name)
3. Modify the following method:
       public InputStream getResource(String name)
   to call the getResourceURL method instead.

I've attached a patch file (patch.txt) that can be applied to the version I
downloaded from the web site, but I didn't know how to get into the CVS
repository to get the very latest version. So this patch needs to be applied
to the version that's available from:

In case this is totally useless, I've attached a more human-readable
description of the changes I'm suggesting as well (description.txt).

TIA for feedback or for the addition of the patch to the next release.

Dave Herman

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