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From "Jim Jackl-Mochel" <>
Subject [ant2] Optional and Core designations
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 19:38:09 GMT
I just finished reading through the summary of the ant2 features
and it looks good. Now come the questions. :-)

[1] Are we planning on having the ant2 optional and core tasks
continue to be part of seperate packages ?

I would love to
see another mechanism used to distribute these. Having done
many rebuilds of ANT in which I have had to remove/add
core/optional tasks I would love to have a cleaner mechanism
to define what is included in a current configuration of ANT.
The idea of changing a package name when an optional task becomes
partt of the core seems awkward.

This may already be handled/covered in the revised task definition
Is it ?

[2] Has any consideration been given to BuildID and VersionID tasks ?

One of the awkward things about components is that they often need to be
versioned separately from the build number so both IDs are needed.

Thanks for listening ,
	Jim JM

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