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Subject Re: SUGGEST: Make refid attributes URL-aware
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 09:14:41 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:

> Something similar has been suggested before except it used a 
> different 
> syntax. Namely
> <project ...>
>   <projectref name="foo" location="...uri or project file..."/>
>   ...
>     <fileset refid="foo:struts.library" />
>   ...
> </project>
> As yet no one has championed this type of feature or not ;)

This syntax seems to be even nicer. If something like this is accepted by
the core development team, I'd try my best to help in implementing it. I
didn't look at the sources yet, but I imagine a problem might be to get
working* stuff (like various URLConnection implementations) into
the core package without bloating it. For the most parts, however, I think
standard Java2 packages will suffice (JarURLConnection, HttpUrlConnection,
ZipURLConnection or whatever), so no further dependencies have to be added
to the core package. Too bad you can't make it a custom task, as the
standard "refid" attribute is affected.


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