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From Luis Miguel Hernanz <>
Subject [PATCH] for ejbjar task
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 16:38:09 GMT

I have just downloaded the last nightly release and I have notices that
there is a bug in the ejbjar optional task. When you are going to create a
EJB jar, the task automatically decides which classes have to include. The
problem is that it tries to include classes that are part Java, so they
can't be found by ant, and the build fails. The problem is that the task
only ignores the java.lang.* classes, but no others that can be use as
primary keys of the EJBs as java.math.BigDecimal. 

I include a small patch to solve this problem.

---     Thu Jun  7 11:43:44 2001
+++      Thu Jun  7 11:44:44 2001
@@ -270,7 +270,8 @@
             // If it's a primitive wrapper then we shouldn't try and put
             // it into the jar, so ignore it.
-            if (!className.startsWith("java.lang")) {
+            if (!className.startsWith("java.") &&
+               !className.startsWith("javax.")) {
                 // Translate periods into path separators, add .class to the
                 // name, create the File object and add it to the Hashtable.
                 className = className.replace('.', File.separatorChar);

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