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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: [ANNOUNCE] Coming Soon: website...
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 01:03:23 GMT

From: Diane Holt []

> Your original <foreach> has already had changes submitted to 
> the list(s).
> How do you see that being handled, if there's no 
> source-control available?

I don't think that source-control at the web-site solves that.
If you put in source-control, then you have to manage it.

You can have a group of comitters, but then you centralise the
work, and I don't think that is helpful.

Or you can have pretty much a free-for-all, where anyone can
get approval to have commit access to the tree. That would
work, but you'd need the admins to approve people and make
sure no one screwed with each others work.

Or you can try and control access on a per task basis.
Depending on the revision tool, that ranges from tedious
to near impossible.

You could acheive that with a batch process, where people
upload patches to the website, and a cron job applies
them to the tree.

However, I don't think either of those would help in this
case, since I wouldn't have automatically given access to
the person who submitted the patch.

It would be good for people to be able to upload patches
to the website, but I think the source-control should
be maintained by the task writers.
It's quite easy for most people to run some form of
source control by themselves. If it's just one person,
then raw SCCS or RCS is enough.

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