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From Les Hughes <>
Subject FW: logos
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 13:56:02 GMT

Hi all,

Here are four ideas for the new Ant logo. We'd appreciate any comments to
help refine some of the ideas presented (see below).



>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Justin Ransom  
> Sent:	25 June 2001 14:46
> To:	Les Hughes
> Subject:	logos
> Les,
> Here's all four:
> logo 1 - Doorway ant. 
> The ant going through a doorway, symbolising 'walking towards a new
future'.  We also have as perspective shape in the background showing us
that although relatively new, ant is based on strong foundations (ant has
come forward by looking at and using knowledge gained in from experience in
'the past'.)
> logo 2 - Circle ant.  
> The circle represents unity.  The ant walks outside the circle but also
inside.  This suggests that ant, although open source, is based upon
structure and clarity - the circle. 
> logo 3 - No ant.  
> The three symmetrical shapes flow upward to form 'ant'  They represent,
XML, pure java and open source.  It's symbiosis here, the whole (ant) is
worth more than the sum of these individual parts! Again, we see structure
and foundation elements in this logotype. We also see symmetry, which builds
composition - ant is, I believe trying to make a standard of some kind?
> logo 4 -  Atari ant. 
> Ant on top of symbiosis above - but part of the structure as well. This is
working on many of the concepts above (logo 3 - no Ant), but also shows ant
as embed in the process of obtaining higher values. Working towards that
globaly adopted standard.
> That's it.
> If you get a good response back I can go to town on a preferred choice!
> Regards
> J
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