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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: Property setting Policy.
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:55:17 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:

> > Would that be a bad thing?  If we have a policy, tasks should follow
> > it, no?
> Depends who you ask ;) It would be good to be able to enforce the policy but
> there will always be people who want to do something else. ie I think most
> people agree that immutable properties are better but some people have
> requested mutability of properties. If were to enforce the immutability in
> core they could not get around that when they think we are wrong ;)

This is probably overkill, but once we have decided what the general policy
would be and where its major "hinge points" are (I think that's the term Peter
likes to use) could we not have a policy file/system/whatever, much like the
java security system does?

grant {
  permission ant.Property "cli", "read";    //  CLI properties are read-only
  permission ant.Property "project", "write"; // Project level properties are
  permission ant.Property "target", "write"; // Target level properties are
  permission ant.Property "parent-project", "read"; // Parent/Super project
properties are read-only

In a more XMLish way

  <permission type="ant.Property">
    <target name="cli" action="read" />
    <target name="project" action="write"/>
    <target name="target" action="write" />
    <target name="super-project" action="read" />

That way, at each stage of the game we can check the policy to see what the
build file writer is allowed to do.  We can suggest the "correct" policy with
our default file, but the user/sysadmin can change the policy for a site.


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