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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: [ant2] Propertys and strategies to deal with them
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2001 12:52:17 GMT
Maybe I missed this in all the debate, but...

Peter Donald wrote:

> 2. Are properties mutable or immutable?

Can't we resolve this by having properties, which are by nature
immutable, and variables, which by nature ARE mutable.?


  <property name="version" value="2.1" />
  <property name="base" value="/project/release" />

  <variable name="install_dir" value="${base}/jrun/${version} />

     do some work...using ${install_dir} as needed.

  <variable name="install_dir" value="${base}/websphere/${version} />

     do some more work..using ${install_dir} as needed.

  <variable name="install_dir" value="${base}/tomcat/${version} />

     do some more work..using ${install_dir} as needed.

Properties would NOT be override in build files called from a build
file, but variables could be.

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