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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: A few suggestions
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 05:25:33 GMT
At 09:47 PM 6/6/01 -0700, James Bucanek wrote:
>>>On occasion, I've been writing my own mappers to preform filtering as
>>>a side effect, but it's pretty ugly.  Especially since you can't
>>>extend the mapper tag to include any additional information that a
>>>filter might need to do it's job.
>>right - I wanted to extend mappers to do this sort of thing but it was
>>-1'ed ;)
>Well I suppose it depends on how you did it, but I'd probably would 
>have -1'd it too.  :(
>I think filters (aka "cullers") perform a separate function from 
>mappers.  For one, you'd have the flexibility of being able to 
>specify cullers and mappers in arbitrary combinations.  And, cullers 
>would could apply to single (source file list) task contexts whereas 
>mappers logically imply a target file for each source file.

I am not sure I agree. In my mind mappers, map an attribute of input item
to an attribute of output item(s). Currently we restrict that to just one
attribute (name) but "culler" functionality is a generalization to multiple
attributes (read-access, modify-time, etc).

BTW currently mappers can map many-to-1 and 1-to-many (or none) so I am not
sure "mappers logically imply a target file for each source file" is
completely accurate ;) It would be more accurate to say "mappers logically
imply zero or more target names for each input name".



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