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Subject [Bug 2366] - Add fork attribute to javac
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 11:36:56 GMT

*** shadow/2366	Wed Jun 27 11:58:53 2001
--- shadow/2366.tmp.15327	Thu Jun 28 04:36:56 2001
*** 24,26 ****
--- 24,41 ----
+ ------- Additional Comments From  2001-06-28 04:36 -------
+ I think includeAntRuntime="false" would do what you are asking for without forking.
+ Anyway I would like an option like this as well; I would not suggest a 'fork'
+ attribute but rather a ${build.compiler} that could state that an external Javac
+ was desired (and the path to it). You may wish to use a different version of
+ Javac than your regular JDK has. Or you may just wish to run it externally.
+ Ant's wrapper for Javac does not clean up static storage in the Javac code and
+ it is possible for weird file lock problems to happen if you delete a JAR that
+ was used in its classpath (not surely precisely how to reproduce this, but it is
+ reported to happen sometimes inside NetBeans--after repeated runs of the build
+ script in the same VM). Anyway, it is safer to run it externally so it would be
+ nice to have this option at least. Or you can use Jikes of course if you have
+ it, which does not exhibit the problem.
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