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From "Nick Fortescue" <>
Subject Re: signjar which does more than one file and dependency checking
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:57:36 GMT
I have written a class MySignJar which extends SignJar and adds the features

1) You can specify jars to sign in a fileset.
2) It looks in the jar file to see if an appropriate .SF file exists, and if
it does assumes the jar has already been signed.

I'm happy to send the code to the list and for others to use it, and for the
code to be included in the ant CVS. Is anyone interested? Would I be better
sending it as my class which extends through inheritance, a new version of
SignJar with the features added, of a diff of the new version of signjar?

Nick Fortescue

> At 01:50 PM 6/14/01 +0100, Nick Fortescue wrote:
> >There are two things we'd really like in the signjar task here
> >
> >1) Being able to specify jars to sign in a fileset.
> >2) Checking the jars (maybe using jarsigner -verify) to see if the need
> >signing before signing them.

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