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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: The name of the license is...(was: Re: Problems with licenses (GPL, LGPL) and task writing)
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2001 08:59:16 GMT
On Sat, 16 Jun 2001 05:20, Jon Stevens wrote:
> And the "correct" answer is:
> DinG!
> "ASF License"
> Which is short for:
> "Apache Software Foundation License"
> The ASF is the name of the legal entity that oversees the software. This is
> the legal non-profit foundation that is incorporated in Delaware.
> "Apache License" and "Apache Software License" are NOT valid names as they
> have no legal meaning associated to them.

Interesting way of interpreting this. Is this official word from the board 
(or whoever speaks to legal cousel)? 

The way you paint it seems ludicrous. No where in any documentation that I 
can find is there a reference to the "ASF License". There are plenty of 
references to "The Apache Software License" - like just about every license 
under which the software is licensed.

The way you describe it is that a legal entity is only allowed to have 1 
contract (or maybe one license contract?) which is named after entity (and 
post-pended with the word "License"). This is of course ludicrous. Apache 
members/board, if they so wanted could create the "Candy on Sundays License" 
to license software under. While I believe there are certain edicts on the 
naming of licenses (IANAL though...)- it is not how you describe it.

Put bluntly you can have as many licenses as wanted, the license in use at 
all apache projects I looked at is "Apache Software License" - which of 
course contracts to ASL.

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