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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [PROPOSALS] From features to implementation - design phase
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 09:12:08 GMT
So, now we have a list of features, a bunch of proposals and a couple
of discussion threads on details.  What are we going to do with this?
Let me share my ideas.

The list of features has left open a couple of points, some of which
can be resolved without talking about implementations at all - IMHO we
should try to resolve them now.  These are things like "how do we want
property scoping to work, which scopes do we need?" and similar.

So my first proposal here is that I kick of discussion threads for
these open points while I stumble over them (as I try to put together
a more formal document from our feature list).  

Everybody else should feel free to do the same if I'm too slow - I
count Peter's [Vote] threads as such (and as an indicator that we've
lost momentum).

IMHO, we should first discuss the stuff and formally call for a vote
in a separate step, which should include a deadline.  This doesn't
mean that we should have endless discussions, but hard deadlines are
probably not going to work.

On the other hand, there are quite a few issues that are really
implementation issues and that can only be resolved by trying a few
things in code and see what works best - to speed things up, we should
tackle them in parallel.

This leads to my second proposal: We invite proposed implementations
either for the complete feature set we've agreed upon (myrmidon and
mutant seem to fall into this category) or just for parts thereof.  I
think these proposals should live in CVS and be accompanied by a small
design overview (at least) to make it easier to evaluate each

We should probably set a deadline for design proposals as well, but it
is difficult to set it now when the parallel discussion of details may
change several aspects at the same time.  Let's defer setting a
deadline to later (in two weeks or so) - I'd expect a time frame of a
month or two for this.

Finally, my third proposal: We evaluate the proposals for a complete
Ant2 and settle on one of them as the basis for future development (by
voting of course) - we move the proposal to a new module (should make
maintaining Ant1 easier) and merge in all the strong points of the
other proposals.



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