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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ant2 logging
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 07:02:12 GMT
Diane Holt <> wrote:

> --- Peter Donald <> wrote:
>> None of the discussion is related to that at all ;] - but
>> presumably what you want will be doable by customizing listeners ;)
> If that's the case, then I'm completely lost -- so can you (or
> anyone else) take me back a step and explain what it is that -is-
> being discussed?

I'll try to - using less words than Pete 8-).

Peter didn't say this very clearly when he started the thread, but he
keeps on repeating that he's not talking about how the output of Ant
is going to look or how it is produced - this is going to remain the
responsibility of Listeners (in Ant1 we call them BuildListener, Peter
calls them ProjectListener now, they are synonyms in this context).

The question is, how do messages travel from tasks to the listeners.
In Ant1 they are routed by the Project object which is bad for several
reasons (shouldn't be Project's responsibiluty at all and makes it
hard to modify verbosity at a different level than project wide).

The discussion is on this question, at least this is what it was
intended to be.

On the topic of hierarchical logging, I'd use Log4J's document at
<> to get an idea of
the concept.


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