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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Passing classpath to <style/> task ?
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 13:41:56 GMT
Ernst de Haan <> wrote:

> First of all, the class path starts with a colon. That looks like a
> bug.

Fixed in CVS.

> But *if* jaxp is included in the class path, then why doesn't Ant
> use xslp?

Why should it?  XSL:P and JAXP have no connection to each other.

> It seems Ant is trying to use the TraX processor, but fails to.

It tries to as it can load the TraXLiaison class from optional.jar,
but you don't have a TraX compliant parser in the CLASSPATH, so it

> Then why doesn't it use the JAXP parser instead?

JAXP 1.0 (which Ant 1.3 ships with) doesn't include a XSLT processor -
this is part of JAXP 1.1 and the parser of the reference
implementation is a stripped down Xalan.

> *But* if I change the <style/> task to use the "xslp" processor,
> then I get another error message:

As you don't have XSL:P in your CLASSPATH <>.


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