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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Is this a desirable feature?
Date Tue, 29 May 2001 08:21:41 GMT
Bryan Headley <> wrote:

> I like the default properties; I wouldn't use them as a
> counter-argument to my problem, but it's a nice feature.


> In terms of maintainability, here's a real trivial example from my
> "global parameter" file,
> uct1.dir}


> 	and then..
> <!-- Assuming ${build.for} is either "DEV" or "QA" -->
> Here's the thing: If I state that the installation root directory,
> which is "/opt/aPath", is now changed to
> "/opt/weblogic/myProducts/aPath", I have to open several files (one
> for QA, DEV, PROD, maybe a deployment to NT) and ensure I have all
> these settings right.

I assume there is a property ${install.root.dir} that holds /opt/aPath
and your other properties like ${build.deployment.DEV.dir} use this
property, yes? So all you'd have to do is change this single
property. I'm probably missing something obvious, please forgive
me. 8-)

> Personally, what I am seeting is,
> 	-versus-
> The former promotes a property name within another property name,
> hence a need for a recursive parser. The other doesn't, perhaps at
> the cost of clarity.

I'd probably put the QA at the front of the property, but that's a
matter of taste - as well as whether one approach is clearer than the

Thanks for your explanation


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