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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Configure->Template->Build
Date Thu, 31 May 2001 09:53:38 GMT
Peter Donald <> wrote:

> Nope - only those who need the power will use it. Most people can
> live within bounds of current day ant.

I'm not sure that this is true.  Every now and then there is somebody on
ant-user who asks how he could compile more than one file.  Give them
the documentation of javac (which is good in explaining what the task
does IMHO) and document that describes how to invoke the same task
over and over again while looping over a set of files - what are they
going to chose?

> There will not be forced to use any language. We do need to create a
> version though to test the ideas because it may turn out that we
> have a bad design or the whole idea sucks or something similar. I am
> very anti taking an academic design with out any real world
> practical uses.

So go ahead with whatever you like best (when it comes to scripting
and templating) - you'll probably provide some basic examples so one
can judge whether the idea as a whole is good or not, this should be
independent of the scripting language at hand.

>>> * the need for per task failonerror (better solved with templating
>>> - which needs configure stage to run first).

I thought that would become an aspect?

>>> anton/javaon/etc are all ugly hacks to get dynamic templating
>>> which should be done via Configure+templating (ie configure
>>> generates list of classes/directories while templating applies
>>> rule).

How could this work if the files/directories in question are not there
at configure time but created during the build time - or the build
deletes other files?

> A while ago weren't you arguing against this? Yes most of the stuff
> could be done with tasks in one way or another but the question is
> whether it should be.

Currently, I lean towards "yes".


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