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Subject RE: if and unless attributes for all Tasks
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 23:30:21 GMT

My thinking was that the code tag would be just like JSP/scriptlets.   All
of the extra syntax sugar required to make a task would be provided by the
code task, just like JSP's get all the extra source to turn them servlets.

(I originally was going to have users type in all of the extra stuff to
make it a real Task, but Roger pointed out that doing it that way just
envited the user to make errors and added lines of code that were ignorable

The stuff between the code start and end should expect to be dropped into a
task and run.  It really must be exactly like writing a task with the only
difference being that the source code is embedded in the build XML and that
the user doesn't have to worry about managing and compiling the task as a
seperate unit of source code.  Of course, if the source doesn't compile,
the person running the build.xml would be informed when the task was
called.   (We could modify ant to compile everything up front, but I'd
rather just take it slowly and get a code task working at all before I
worry about potential optimizations)

I also like Peters point that doing things in Java means that your
build.xml doesn't need anything that isn't already required to run ant.


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