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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: [DISC] details of task library concept
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 04:13:58 GMT

> It all look great to me, and to help get a hold of the bigger picture i've
> tried to flesh out the example a bit, including the ant/log/doc
> aspects that
> Peter is plugging.  The only problem being that I'm already getting an
> overload of ':'s - these can't be changed at the XML level, but maybe a
> switch to '#'s or similar would add an extra level of clarity for the
> ant-level references?

You are starting to cut across topics a bit there. (That is an awful pun).
Anyway, I will try to start a separate aspect discussion soon. I have tried
an implementation of aspects in mutant. I am currently using it for "ant:id"
to allow datatype values to be added to execution properties. I have some
issues about the lifetime of the aspect handler, though.

> <project name="tomcat">
>    <import lib="" task="ftp"/>
>    <projectref location="jasper.xml" name="jasper"/>
>    <projectref location="catalina.xml" name="cat"/>
>    <target name="build" depends="jasper#compile, cat#compile"
> doc:description="Glues jasper and catalina together"/>
>        <javac dest="${build}" log:level="verbose"
> ant:failonerror="false"/>
>        <jasper#jspc .../>
>        <zip file="" src="${build}"/>
>        <ftp ant:classloader="" server=""
> dest="/tomcat/src" src="${build}"/>
>    </target>
> </project>
> I would like to see examples with a little more meat on them, in
> particular
> how the ant/antcall tasks fit in - presumably the same multi-project
> dependancy graph would be used by the antcall task, so could all
> 'ant' tasks
> be dropped and replaced by 'antcall' and a 'projectref'?

I haven't got to <antcall> in mutant but it will prove challenging. In
mutant, each project referenced gets its own ExecutionFrame in which the
project's execution context is maintained. This includes properties defined,
tasks defined/imported, targets, etc. I'm wondering hom much of that context
should be passed across the antcall boundary. I tend to prefer an explicit
statement of what is being passed even if that can pass properties for
referenced projects.


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