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From Jerome Lacoste <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSALS] From features to implementation - design phase
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 09:29:04 GMT

> This leads to my second proposal: We invite proposed implementations
> either for the complete feature set we've agreed upon (myrmidon and
> mutant seem to fall into this category) or just for parts thereof.  I
> think these proposals should live in CVS and be accompanied by a small
> design overview (at least) to make it easier to evaluate each
> proposal.
> [...]
> Comments?
> Stefan


I am not a developer but consider me as an "interested outsider" :))

I agree completely with the "implementation proposals" idea because:

- it fits with the prototyping paradigm
- it fits with the ideas behind the "trendy" Agile methodologies, such as XP
- and of course, it fits with evolution behind the Open Source idea

To summarize: "let the code talk". I like the proposal, even though I am no
in a position to discuss the practicalities of how to put it in place (i.e.
in CVS), neither to influence your choice.



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