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From Takashi Okamoto <>
Subject [PATCH] for kjc java compiler
Date Thu, 31 May 2001 22:27:10 GMT
Hi, Ant!!

Do you know kjc java compiler ( 
It's one of the most excellent Java compiler that is developed under
GPL. In the first, I forward the information of kjc's ablillity that
is reported by Edouard G. Parmelan's on kaffe-ml.

--- begin ---


Thomas Graf is in process of releasing kjc-1.5A (see

I have run jacks (checkout of 25 May) on kjc (checkout of 25 May)
with Kaffe (checkout of 15 May) as JVM on my Debian GNU/Linux
Intel computer.

This is Jacks results:

kjc:    Total   1840    Passed  1745    Skipped 8       Failed  87

And results of other javac compilers reported by Mo DeJong when
jikes-1.14 was out (on 14 May) on jacks-ml:

jikes:  Total   1840    Passed  1743    Skipped 1       Failed  96
javac:  Total   1840    Passed  1673    Skipped 1       Failed  166
gcj:    Total   1841    Passed  1459    Skipped 40      Failed  342

Edouard G. Parmelan

---- end ----

Kjc are more superior than SUN's by jacks Java compatibility test (of
cause, jikes too). So, now opensource Java compliers beat SUN's!!

I was exciting by this report and wrote kjc patch for Ant soon.

Well, I attached a kjc patch that makes Ant work with kjc.

Enjoy opensource;)
 ^^  	Takashi Okamoto     <tora at>
= ..=	Debian Project
 -o-	  Key fingerprint:
            8B37 1FE6 76B2 7BA6 D59A  9BF7 E7F4 46C8 5293 6E17

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