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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: if and unless attributes for all Tasks
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 05:51:19 GMT
From: Alan George []

> I noticed that Target has if and unless attributes for conditional
> excecution and thought that it would be useful (and 
> consistent) to have
> these attributes for all Tasks as well.  I have a patch that achieves
> this, but have noticed during my short time on this list, a reluctance
> to turn ant into a scripting language.  It could be argued 
> that my patch
> is a step in that direction.  Also this is such an obvious change I'm
> sure it has been proposed before.
> So, before I submit a patch, is there any chance this would be
> incorporated?

Near on Zero, as far as I can estimate.

	* Task level if and unless attributes.

	  [REJECTED - no single +1 vote]

If you need it, wrap it in a target.

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