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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: Ant2 logging
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 02:56:50 GMT
From: Jon Stevens []

> I want to be able to have Ant use LogKit or Log4J as the tool 
> that writes
> out logging information (how it is formatted to look is another topic
> entirely) by simply specifying in some configuration file somewhere at
> runtime.

Why do you care what toolkit Ant uses to do the logging?

Unless you're using Ant embedded (*) then all that a user should
care about it
 * Where the log information goes (syslog/log file/etc)
 * How it is formated.

Since AFAIK, both log4j and logkit give you the ability to configure
both of those aspects, what does it matter to you which of them is
being used.

The only point that it matters is if someone already has a formatter
(or whatever) written against one API, and doesn't want to have to
replicate it for the other one.
I don't think that this is of enough concern to warrant wrapping
all the logging up in YA-API.

(*) However, I do think that logging should be pluggable, because
one of the goals (IIRC) of Ant2 was to allow Ant to be embedded,
and I think we need to let the host program decide which logging
toolkit is being used.

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