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From Les Hughes <>
Subject RE: Perforce Tasks For Ant
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 08:29:47 GMT

I'm not familiar with <javac> and its depend checking. But a hack-around is
to change all of the classes to writable. Do your compile then do

dir /s /b /a-d | p4 -x - add 
p4 diff -sd //myview/... | p4 -x delete 
p4 diff -se //myview/... | p4 -x - edit

then submit your change. 

Others on the list my have ideas/input to linking javac to the various SCM



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From: Cyril Bouteille []
Sent: 22 May 2001 22:18
To: Les Hughes
Cc: Ed Park
Subject: Re: Perforce Tasks For Ant


> Hmm, Do you mean that you check-in your compiled classes and then need to
> check them out for edit before running your compile?


> Let me have some more details and I'll have a think for you.

Basically, we've 2 options right now:
1. edit all the classes
This is brutal for revision control and prevent us from locking
2. edit the classes we need to recompile
This take a long time to edit/lock by hand these classes 1 by 1 and we
often forget some.

Is there anyway we can link the algorithm used in <javac> to figure out
which java files need to be recompiled with the perforce tasks so that
we could make ant edit all the corresponding classes automatically?
Any other idea is welcome too. :)


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