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From Olivier Brand <>
Subject 3 optional tasks ? (new to the list)
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 19:39:02 GMT
I am new to the list. I have created 3 tasks and was wondering what was
the process of adding these tasks into ant (if everybody agrees of
course that these tasks are useful).

The first task allows to generate an XML Java binding framework using
Castor from exolab ( Given an XSD schema, this task
decides if the java files needs to be regenerated.

The second task can be added to the already existing Perforce package:
P4Add. This allows to add a file to a Perforce depot (we needed this
feature in our project).

The third task is a conditional task on targets, it allows to express
conditions like: if/then/else on targets.
For example using Perforce, we wanted to add a file in our depot. If the
file does not exist, we need to add it (P4Add). Otherwise we need to
edit it (P4Edit).
This task allows to do that : if targetA fails then execute targetB else
execute targetC. Of course the test can be changed (it is a parameter:
true or false).

Thanks for any feedbacks, comments, ... and if it seems useful (it is
for me), could you let me know what is the easiest way to add it to the
depot ? (I have also written ant look and feel task documentation for
these tasks).


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