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From Daniel Barclay <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] multithrading
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 18:32:09 GMT
Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> Should ANT behave as make does? Today, the call 'ant A B' is equivalent to:
>         ant A
>         ant B
> two independent execusions, two independent dependency graphs. I have always
> thought that it is kind of wrong, that it should behave as make does:
>         ant 'A B'
> where <target name="A B" depends="A,B" /> is consider to be a new pseudo
> target added to the buildfile.


There might be _three_ possible interpretations:

1.  build A and then independently build B (like "ant A ; ant B")

2.  get the set of targets {A, B} built (if A depends on B, B might be 
    built before A)

3.  do whatever's needed to build A, and then do whatever remains that
    is needed to build B (not rebuilding anything needed for B that was 
    already needed and built for A).

(I believe make works like number 3.  "make clean run run" runs only
once.  I have experienced preferring a different behavior.)

Daniel Barclay
Digital Focus

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