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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: AntShell
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 11:37:19 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> Yep the shell works the way you have set it. The problems is that there
> could be assumptions made in other bits of code. A lot of tools cache
> things in static variables (including the jdk tools) which means that you
> can get erratic behaviour.

I was thinking about that one but I honestly don't know enough about
other tools to say for sure. Comments from people that know where things
could break are welcome...

To tell you the truth, I think that one of the major strengths of Ant is
that you can plug it into any other Java system directly and it'll
rebuild whatever you want without dropping to the OS. One application of
it is regenerating content of web sites (or similar) and that's usually
done from a long running process like servlet, bean with application
scope or maybe even EJB. Now, static things wouldn't play nice in that
kind of environment either, so I was hoping most developers wouldn't
design their tools with the assumption of a 'clean' JVM. I'm not sure
how Antidote works, maybe such problems were avoided there... Again
don't know enough.

> While most things would work ... others may end
> up working inconsistently over time - or worse ... being platform dependent
> (ie *nix traditionally doesn't file lock but win32 does). That saids - as
> it works most of the time for java projects - at least if you use jikes the
> "one true compiler" ;) - I would be happy to add it in if you can convince
> another committer to support it aswell ;)

Huh, tough one. That's why I have my business partner, he does the
selling for me, because I'm hopeless... Anyway, here is my sales pitch:

- up to 10 times faster builds
- no waiting for JVM to start
- just press <ENTER> to rebuild the default target
- independent from other tools, it's only 1 class, really
- runs without a GUI (for all the command line freaks like me)
- supports all command line options Ant does, because it's based on Main
- cooks, makes bed, cleans... hang on, no, not really ;-)


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