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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Ant2 - automatic taskdef registration?
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 00:06:51 GMT
At 10:43  17/5/01 -0500, Tim Dawson wrote:
>(I sent this a few days ago but didn't see it come back to me in the list -
>my apologies if this is a duplicate.)
>Maybe this has already been proposed, but I looked in the Ant2 features and
>didn't see anything about automatic taskdef registration.
>I think we should look at copying the patterns established by EJB, JSP, and
>Taglibs for using deployment descriptors in the jar file. The EJB jar file
>uses an ejb-jar.xml file in the meta-inf directory. (why do war files use
>web-inf instead of meta-inf? anyway, I digress)
>I'd like to propose that instead of using the file in
>the package, that we just use a deployment
>descriptor - namely, meta-inf/ant-tasks.xml in the jar files, and when all
>the jar files inside the ANT_HOME/lib directory are loaded, Ant just looks
>for meta-inf/ant-tasks.xml, and when it finds one, it does the equivalent of
>the <taskdef> automatically for each defined task.
>That way, if I write a set of custom tags (or want to use some tasks
>packaged by a third party), then drop a jar file in my ANT_HOME/lib
>This would be useful for the current set of optional tasks too, so that they
>would be "unknown" unless the jar file was there, rather than the way
>they're currently automatically registered but you get a


We call that file taskdefs.xml and although we didn't actually vote on it -
the concept will almsost 100% be used ;)



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