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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: if and unless attributes for all Tasks
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 01:13:43 GMT
At 12:46  15/5/01 -0700, Alan George wrote:
>I agree that an 'XML scripting language' is a bad idea.  But on the other
>having 'some' conditional processing in a build tool could be a good
thing.  In
>fact there is already 'some' conditional processing features available in ant
>(e.g. the target's if and unless, the available task, dependencies, etc.).
>Using the strict 'no XML scripting language' argument, these features
should be
>removed.  To create a build environment that is generic enough to handle
>multiple products and concurrent revisions and do this with ant requires some
>scripting language like features.  If ant can't make some of these
decisions at
>run time, it loses a lot of value.  Or maybe I am expecting too much from

I think you are confusing what Ant is supposed to do ;) Ant doesn't pretend
to offer any genericness features - you can do it via DTD includes,
ant-calls and complicated build.xml files but it wasn't really designed
with that in mind.

For Ant2 we do plan to offer genericness via "templating" - the
how/why/where/whens of which have yet to be worked out but it will be
probably be via some transformation tool (XSLT/Velocity/XSP/other). However
I don't think the plan is to offer genericness in ant build files.



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