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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: AntShell
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 22:58:19 GMT
At 05:34  7/5/01 +0100, Jesse Glick wrote:
>On the other hand, NetBeans also is able to invoke Javadoc in-VM and clean up
>its mess after it; this code *is* open-source (nothing copied from Sun code,
>just wrappers):
> is probably of most interest.


>An idea for Ant: some special classloader (variant of AntClassLoader?) which
>would keep track of any classes it loaded, and also initial values of all
>static fields in those classes. When you call reset(), it uses reflection to
>reset all static fields. So even unknown, non-static-safe code could be run
>repeatedly, so long as it was loaded via this loader (which you could enforce
>via e.g. package wildcards). The following JSR would do a more comprehensive
>job of it though:

I have asked to serve on JSR ;) 

Until then I think it may be safer to just load everything in classloader
and then "throw it away" at end of execution run. I believe that is one of
the strategies we will be using for ant2.



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