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From Roger Vaughn <>
Subject Re: if and unless attributes for all Tasks
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 18:11:56 GMT
--- Daniel Barclay <>
> You don't think one might want to configure how a
> target is executed 
> by parameterizing tasks with boolean values
> similarly to how we 
> parameterize tasks with string values?

I would sure like to see this.  As an example of its
usefulness, take a look at the uptodate task.  When I
have to use this (admittedly rarely), it means one
target to do the uptodate check, another target to
contain the if/unless, and a third target to make sure
the first two get invoked!  It ends up being a
difficult-to-interpret mess.  Putting if/unless on
tasks would allow all of this to be combined into one
simple target.

Roger Vaughn

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