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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject [SUBMIT] mimemail task
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 06:32:24 GMT

This is a variant of the mail task (identical syntax) which sends all the
attached files as mime attachments.
Kind of handy if your deployment process involves emailing zipped builds.

It requires j2ee 1.2.1 to build and run, for the javax.mail packages. This
is where it gets interesting, because the j2ee.jar and jaxp.jar are about as
compatible on a classpath as protons and antiprotons are in a contained
space. The particular problem is the sax libraries, jaxp is sealed and
whines when j2ee adds its own version.

I can workaround it at build time, but not at run time.

So the only way I can run this task is to have a version of j2ee.jar with
all the sax stuff deleted. When you do that the task works fine on windows;
some unix/mac testing would be nice to verify mime types are consistently

The sealing problem  interesting as if it occurs for other people then it
represents a symptom of a bigger problem: we can't have j2ee tasks in ant
because j2ee.jar is incompatible with jaxp. While j2ee 1.3 may avoid this by
incorporating jaxp into its own jar, because that beta isnt compatible with
java 1.2 or earlier, we cant go that route (yet).

Maybe I should file this as a bug.


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