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From James Bucanek <>
Subject Problems with mapper refid="..."
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2001 15:32:38 GMT
Good morning,

I've got a minor problem with using refid's with the mapper element 
under Ant 1.3 (release).

I've got my own task that contains multiple elements that, in turn, 
may contain <fileset> and <mapper> elements.  Like this:

     <generatetext to="${borland.make.wexp}" filtering="yes">
         <filepattern pattern="...">
             <fileset dir="${dir.source}">
                 <patternset refid="app.common.source"/>
             <mapper id="bcc.cpp.obj"
         <filepattern pattern="...">
             <fileset dir="${dir.source}">
                 <patternset refid="app.common.source"/>
             <mapper refid="bcc.cpp.obj"/>

My problem is that the second <mapper> tag always results in the 
following build error:

     build.xml:171: one of the attributes type or classname is required

I've looked through the code for the Mapper object and it looks like 
it's handling the id and refid attributes inherited from DataType 
just like all the other DataType objects.  So why can't it find the 
mapper object defined by "bcc.cpp.obj"?  And obviously, patternset 
and other elements are finding their refid's just fine using (as far 
as I can tell) the same code?

Also, it would be nice if <project> accepted the <mapper> tag so that 
we could define named mapppers at that level, just like patternsets.

Any thoughts?

James Bucanek

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