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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] The late stuff
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 11:24:57 GMT
Peter Donald <> wrote:

> At 03:05  26/4/01 +0200, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>>> I am concerned that we are sacrificing usability here.
>>Don't think so.
> What you don't think I am concerned or you don't think we are
> sacrificing usability? ;)

You didn't sound overly concerned ;-)

>>IMHO the opposite is true.  You don't want to run depend unless you
>>know you've changed the non-private interface of a class or
>>interface.  No need to recompile all classes depending of A if I
>>only change the implementation of a method in A.
> Ahh - you mean trust the prgrammers are aware of all the
> implications of changes they make?

I tend to do so, yes.  But maybe I'm just used to work with smart
people. 8-)

> Doesn't that go against the grain of every software engineering aim.

Probably yes.  Let me lift my -1 to a -0 if two conditions are met

(1) it is optional

(2) we keep a separate <depend> task for projects that need multiple
<javac> tasks, but don't want to run depend several times.


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