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Subject [SUBMIT] foreach task
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2001 19:25:43 GMT
This is my attempt at the long sought-after <foreach> task...Included 
are the diffs (generated by TextPad), and the sources, including the and files, which were 
changed (barely). I used the Ant 1.3 source as the basis of my 
modifications, since this is a stable distribution and would provide a 
more reliable test environment.

One caveat: Any BatchingTask defined in a taskdef (ForEach extends the 
BatchingTask, another class you all may find useful) _MUST_BE_ defined 
in the project, not within a target. This is because of the immediacy 
of task execution when that task is outside a target -- the 
BatchingTasks must be in the list of taskdefs, so they can accept 

Any other questions, have a look at the javadoc comments, or else email 

John Casey


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