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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: wild remark on ant2
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 01:51:29 GMT
> I think my main question boils down to: is this separation 
> towards generic
> XML property/config/script reading/translation into Java classes I'm
> referening to something that is/could be considered in the 
> Ant2 design?

Assuming I'm following the discussions correctly, I think that
the digester package will do that.

It's part of the commons project which is where these sorts of
generic packages are created.
It's based on the struts version, not the ant version.

The design of digester appears to be quite different to the way
Ant handles xml, but I think you could fit something into the
framework that does it all through introspection (there might
already be code there)
> Or put yet another way... suppose such thing would exist/was 
> build in some
> other apache group... would ant still stick to it's own?

I would like to see Ant2 look at whether digester will be
an appropriate means of handling the xml, but I guess that
will come to a vote if/when 
	(A) Digester is released into commons-proper
	(B) Someone builds a Digester subclass that is
          functionally equivalent to IntrospectionHelper (etc)

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