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From Ariel Partners LLC <>
Subject Re: "Depend" task for XML?
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2001 02:17:07 GMT

At 01:08 PM 4/8/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>Sounds like a fantasic addition ! One question though ...
>At 10:21  7/04/01 -0400, Ariel Partners LLC wrote:
> >- other XML files accessed within the XSL stylesheet(s) via the document()
> >function.
>How do you plan on doing this? Considering that document() can be dynamic
>interpreted? Will you only check it during actual transform ?

Hmmmm.  Hearkening back to my days as a "make" maven, I would define
generic suffix rules that were as smart as possible at figuring out 
dependencies, but
each specific production would also explicitly list dependencies that could 
not be
derived algorithmically.

I imagine that a robust XML dependency checking solution would include both
a cleverly designed "Depend" type task as well as some new conventional
ways for explicitly identifying dependencies.  One way to do this would be 
to have
the XMLDepend task accept these (explicit) dependencies as parameters,
perhaps as included filesets a la MatchingTask.

> >especially the possible new validate and rpm tasks...
>hmmm .. I think we (I) forgot to add RPM task .. will do it as soon as I
>get back if no one else does it first ;)

kewl.  Does that mean the validate task was already added?  I am referring
to the task that validates an XML file against its DTD, submitted on 3/23 by
Raphael Pierquin.

Of course, the validation task would also benefit from XMLDepend....

Thanks again,


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