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From "Michael McCallum" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] allowing filters to resolve properties before substituting
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2001 02:09:19 GMT
> It seems we are going to change the whole copy/filter stuff for Ant2
> and I'm hesitant to change it now (this is why I wouldn't like to
> commit Michael's filterset patch either), unless I knew the behavior
> wouldn't be radically different in Ant2.  IMHO it doesn't make sense
> to let the users adopt something new now, that won't be in Ant2.
My patch keeps all current scripts working as is, but allows a whole lot more power for people

who need it.

How it works is all filtering will work as it does now but if you define a specific filterset
this will 
overrid the global filters. ( I might have the test for this backwards now that I think about
it  i was 
planning to let globals override locals but that does not make sense. :)

The behavior is no different that patternsets/filesets etc so the users are not learning anything

new just getting more consistent behavior. I kept in mind that people will want to keep it
and the current solution is simple so made sure that still worked.

I dont really mind either way as Im happy to wade around in the code and make it do what I
plus it gives me a bit of variety.


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