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From Peter Janes <>
Subject Re: Relative FileSet?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 18:52:00 GMT
Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:

> If the parameter of your setX() is File, you will get the absolute path to
> it. If it is String you will get the value as you pass it, uninterpreted.
> You need to pass the correct type.

This works for my own task, but I want to support a nested FileSet (and 
use <apply><mapper/></apply> in the other case).  At the moment it looks

like I'm going to have to duplicate (not simply extend, because 
setX(File) and setX(String) can't coexist) Apply and FileSet to get the 
desired behaviour.

I've thought about "fixing" the core to produce relative paths, and 
adding a boolean attribute (relative="true|false"?) at appropriate 
points to describe the way this is handled, but I doubt anyone is 
comfortable with modifying the code this fundamentally.

Peter J.

fix, n., v.  What one does when a problem has been reported too many
times to be ignored.
   --The New Hacker's Dictionary, 3rd ed.

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