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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Copy filtering and properties...
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 15:21:58 GMT
--- Glenn McAllister <> wrote:
> wrote:
> > The behavior for the filtering (in Copy, etc.) will NOT substitute for
> > properties that have been set in Ant 1.3. Is this a bug, or a feature?
> Err... filter tokens are separate from properties.  Always have been.
> <filter token="year" value="2001" />
> <filter filtersfile="file_of_filters" />
> I'm -1 for making properties defacto filter tokens.  Anyone care to
> argue me out of that position? :-)

I haven't picked up 1.3 yet so I can't verify whether this has changed,
but in 1.2 you can specify the token's value as a property (ie., in your
example, you could do value="${year}"). I definitely wouldn't want that to
go away, and in fact, I'd like to see it expanded so that you can do that
from a filters file as well, since not being able to seems inconsistent,
and makes using a filters file far less useful.



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